Private Abortion Services in New York

Our private abortion clinic offers exclusive and VIP abortion services for any patient who requires the utmost in service, comfort, and confidentiality.

During your abortion procedure, you will be taken directly to a private room, where you will fill out any necessary paperwork, consult with the doctor, and recover. Our VIP rooms are designed to make you feel at home, with a luxurious mahogany bed, oil paintings, Internet and TV for complete privacy and comfort. Patient escorts are allowed to stay with the patient throughout the duration of their visit at our private clinic.

Our Entire Facility Just for You

VIP Surgical Patients may also elect to have the entire facility and staff dedicated solely to their needs and care, in which case we close the facility to any other patient on that particular day. No other patient will be scheduled or seen during your entire visit, thus keeping our NYC private abortion clinic completely private. Our entire staff will be dedicated to your care, and your care alone.

We’re accustomed to the needs of public figures, celebrities, and high-profile individuals. The confidentiality of your communications with us is 100% assured. For more information about our exclusive VIP Patient Services or to schedule an VIP abortion appointment in New York City, please call us at 212-308-4988.

Confidential Concierge Services

Our representatives are here to take care of all of your needs in having a private, VIP abortion experience from arranging flights, car service, hotels or personal care. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will arrange it for you.

Private Abortion Services at Our Clinic

Accelerate your appointment and procedure wait time at our private abortion clinic for the best VIP service offered in NYC. You and your significant other or escort will be ushered to a well-appointed private room complete with a mahogany sleigh bed, luxurious bedding and a flat screen television and free Wi-Fi.

After your procedure you will get access to a private area within the recovery room. As soon as you are medically stable, you will be brought back to your private room where your escort will be waiting. This allows you to quickly move through your procedure and put you in the comfort of your own home as soon as possible.

You may request our Private Abortion Services when you make your appointment.